1) Social media posts may help drive targeted traffic

When you create a new page on your business website, it’s literally the same as taking a good picture of yourself. Therefore, it’s important that you make a well-placed social media post to have more chances of receiving more visitors per day.

2) Social media may help optimize your site’s searchability online.

Nowadays, search engine crawlers have the ability to determine if a page is getting traffic consistently or if it’s merely forgotten or ignored. In order to get to the top spot in search engine rankings, your site should have unique and attractive contents.

3) Social media can help build genuine relationships.

Social media platforms allow members to get insights about other people’s daily lives. With just a few tweaks like adding a marketing strategy on your status updates, you’ll get to know more about customers’ preferred products and services. You’ll likewise be able to interact with your audience more convincingly.

4) Social media users are more receptive to messages.

People often ignore ads they see on search engines and on random websites online. However, research has found out that users tend to take more time reading ads that are posted on social media platforms. This is because these ads are not often treated as such. Rather, they’re more referred to as regular messages or posts.

5) Social media may make your business easily noticed at events.

If you’re planning to sponsor a major trade show or a charity fundraiser, you can make use of social media to increase your presence. By, for example, posting an upcoming event, you may receive responses from possible on-goers or attendees.

6) Social media is a good place to respond quickly to customer problems.

As a business owner, your goal will always be to satisfy and please customers. Therefore, you’ll always want to resolve any problems with either your product or service at the fastest time possible. Social media is a perfect place for you to interact with customers.

7) Social media can help build and strengthen brand loyalty.

A recent study has found out that companies with active social media profiles are more likely to get more loyal customers. This is because they look less like a business when they engage and interact more on social media. They likewise look more like a unified group of concerned citizens who share the same vision with the targeted audience.

8) Social media offers a fair level of playing field for digital marketers.

Even if all you have is a start-up company, you may still take advantage of the multiple benefits that social media offer. Old and new companies all make use of the same tools available in social media platforms. Therefore, you simply have to work on your techniques and strategies to build a competitive advantage.

9) Social media can make you a superstar on TV.

Social media platforms often get featured on TVs and radios. It’s no new for social media to be on the front seat most especially if there’s a post that’s getting viral. If your company’s lucky enough to get major attention on social media, then it’s likely to be seen on TVs or listened to radios as well.

10) Social media can help increase sales.

Recent research has revealed that over 60% of business-to-consumer marketers got most of their customers from various social media platforms. More than 80% of chief executive officers likewise use data they got from social media to come up with purchasing decisions.